4o ART4MORE ’10

9 - 10 Οκτωβρίου 2010
YOGA BALA, Ρήγα Παλαμήδου 5-7, Ψυρρή
Πεζοδρομημένο στενό της Ρήγα Παλαμήδου
Πολυχώρος ΘΥΡΑ ΤΕΧΝΗΣ, Σαρρή 14, Ψυρρή

Η τέχνη του poster και ο κοινωνικός προβληματισμός συνδέονται σε µια έκθεση που φιλοξενεί έργα της διάσημης Luba Lukova, διαδραστικά posters του πορτογάλου Nuno Coelho, social street posters από Έλληνες σχεδιαστές στον πεζόδρομο της Ρ.Παλαμίδου και αφιέρωμα στα Δημιουργικά Κύματα της Ένωσης Γραφιστών Ελλάδος. Ακολούθησε συζήτηση ουσιαστικής συνεργασίας και ανταλλαγής ιδεών µεταξύ designer και κοινωνικών φορέων, καθώς και μια πληθώρα από happenings.

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Social Design Exhibition

On view from 9-10 October 2010 at Yoga Bala venues (5-7 Riga Palamidou St, Psyrri) and the adjoining pedestrian precinct.Featuring socially sensitive posters of scientific and artistic interest, the exhibition brought poster designing and social concerns together and explored how this art contributes to triggering rapid social change to our everyday world. The exhibition illustrated Greek and foreign artists’ interest in designing for social, rather than commercial, purposes. It aimed to foster active collaboration and fruitful exchange of ideas between designers and social service agencies. Visitors to the festival had the chance to meet with the work of Luba Lukova and Nuno Coelho, two of the world’s top designers, as well as with that of Greek designers, both through the tribute paid to ‘Dimiourgika Kimata’ (Creative Waves), an action created by the Greek Graphic Designers Association, and through individual contributions. Thinkpublic and Identitades Social Design Agencies, based in England and Mexico respectively and specializing in social design services, also took part in the exhibition.

Socially Sensitive Games Exhibition

Enjoying the hospitality and comfort the couch-furnished exhibition space offered, many of the visitors got the chance to spend some more time playing the two socially sensitive games ‘With No Taboos’, designed by Haroula Karatza, Nikolaos Pesyridis and Ilias Tsiridis, and trying to solve the social puzzle made by Yianna Thodi.

Dance and Theater Events

The 4th ‘Art4More’ Festival, in association with Viomatiki Skini group of Thyra Technis venue, featured a host of events and improvisational performances starting at Thyra Technis and extending to the pedestrian precinct in Riga Palamidou Street. All the events were once again thematically linked to social issues and concerns, aimed to effectively intervene in and convert the city public space to a place of action and artistic expression.


Drawing together a selection of creative talent of both well-known and new singers, a show was set at the end of each evening to delight visitors to the festival. Stelios Davaris, Vasiliki Karakosta, Joanna Drigo and Iliana Tsapatsari’s gentle voices enthralled audiences at the performance given at 22.00 on Saturday 9 October 2010 at the multipurpose Thyra Technis venue, while DJ Manu, regular DJ at Loop Bar, Almodobar and Swing bar, and Director’s Cuts band (www.myspace.com/flowjobteam) made an appearance at the party held at 22.00 on Sunday 10 October 2010 at the multipurpose Yoga Bala venue.